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The average employee saves $1.2 million by optimizing tax advantages throughout their career

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Derrick Madole, CPA

Derrick has over 14 years of public accounting experience. His experience includes individual, corporate, flow-through, and fiduciary federal and state income taxes. He's a Certified Public Accountant from the State of Texas, and specializes in equity compensation tax strategies.

He holds both a Master of Business Administration in Accounting, and a Master of Jurisprudence in International Taxation from the Texas A&M School of Law.

FAQ #1

What experience do the compdesk avdisors have?

We've partnered with a team of experienced advisors who are purpose-built to help startup employees make the most of their equity and crypto.

Our team has on average 10+ years of experience specializing in equity compensation and crypto taxes. All advisors hold CPA, IRS Enrolled Agent, or JD-LLM certifications.

FAQ #2

Is the Advisory Plan worth it?

Simply put, the Advisory Plan takes the stress out of equity by ensuring that you're protected from tax blind-spots with expert guidance.

Every personal situation is unique, and our team works to understand your goals and timeline so you can harness the value of your compensation with a customized strategy.

FAQ #3

Is my data protected?

Compdesk is hosted securely on Amazon Web Services behind a firewall. We encrypt any data in transfer with TLS and at rest with AES encryption.

All payments are securely processed by Stripe, the industry leader in software payment processing. This means that we never see, touch, or store your credit card details.

In compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy acts, you always have the right to easily and automatically delete any data we have from our servers.

FAQ #4

What's the problem with traditional tax e-filers?

Traditional tax e-filing methods allow you to submit your taxes, but they provide zero resources to understand the tax consequences of your equity compensation ahead of time.

Receiving, vesting, exercising, and selling shares can create taxable events with substantial costs. It's essential that you understand the tax impact from day one.


Why do employees prefer compdesk?

Employees prefer compdesk because we make equity easy. We offer a streamlined experience to view and track your equity, and a team of experts that help you manage it effectively.

The technology we utilize allows us to offer tax advisory services at the lowest cost, and we pass these savings along to you.

Don't overpay to manage your equity.